Dressing Room Pokies

I admit that I have quite a fetish for dressing room pokies. Well, all things dressing room really. No act is quite so feminine as combining shopping with undressing and checking yourself out in the mirror.

Really, what’s not to like about this? Why doesn’t everybody get horned up about this topic? How can I possibly be alone? Okay, raise you hand: now that you’re thinking about it, this is super hot, am I right?dressing room pokies 1

I remember in college, I had a girlfriend who would occasionally drag me shopping. One time we went during the summer time, and it was hotter than Hades. She had a little thin t-shirt on, and a short denim skirt. We were in some clothing store, and I was sitting semi-patiently in a lounge chair in the middle of the store kinda checking out some of the other chicks while my girlfriend was in the dressing room.

She came back periodically, asked me if I liked this or liked that, I really wasn’t paying much attention. So she went to the counter and checked out and when she came over to where I was sitting, she had a twinkle in her eye.

She said she thought I was amazingly patient, and it really turned her on to think I was sitting out there doting on her and paying attention to her. She also said she had been disrobing in the dressing room and fantasizing about me.dressing room pokies 2

I really wish I could say I pulled a caveman and dragged her into the dressing room and had my way with her. Alas, that would be lying and you’re tired of my story anyway.

It isn’t that hard to find dressing room selfies, but you have to be a damn ninja to find pokies. I think if you look closely, you will find one of the photos I’m posting where a girl has pokies showing through her bra. Hotdamn, that’s hard to do. You basically have to have diamondcutternips, like that gal Jennifer Aniston. We may also have a little milf action and some nipple jewelry.

Whew, I’m exhausted. It took all my meager resources to go find these pics. You should feel sorry for me?

dressing room pokies 3dressing room pokies 4dressing room pokies 5dressing room pokies 6dressing room pokies 7

Although it’s not a huge photo, I like this one of a hot mamma trying on a black cocktail dress. She is loaded for bear with those big mogambos, and I’d love to know what else she tried on.

Now this is just getting cruel. This little blondie squeezed her way into this super-tight white shirt, and then for extra measure she pulled it down at the front to really show off her nipples. That smirk on her face says “sucker, if I buy this shirt and you see me wearing it at the gas station, you will be forced to stare like the pervert you are.”


Back by popular demand, here are a bunch more pokie ladies changing!

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