Tough Mudder Pokies

tough mudder pokies 2To continue on with our popular sports pokies series, we can check out some Tough Mudder pokies.

Interesting how specific we can get, right? If sports pokies are a fairly specific niche of braless pokies, tough mudder pokies are even more specific.

Tough Mudder is a kind of mud run. This is where a crazy obstacle course is set up and participants run through it as a challenge. Sometimes the obstacles can involve fire or water hazards. They frequently involve mud, hence the name.

tough mudder pokies 6Just like any amateur athletic endeavor, some folks who do these events are in excellent shape, and some are flabby. It’s not uncommon, thankfully, to see hot chicks in sports bras and teeny-tiny little spandex shorts.

When they start getting wet and/or muddy, or they start sweating, BAM! out come the nipples. Now admittedly, in some of these photos you have to look sort of close in order to see the pokies. But I am pretty sure none of you folks mind perving it up and staring at the pics in minute detail.

I highly recommend you try spectating at one of the mud events. Unlike the typical 5k or triathlon, a number of these chicks are cross-fitters, and lean isn’t so much the name of the game as curvy and/or muscular. Which means you get to watch them swinging from ropes, and belly-crawling through mudpits, and occasionally falling onto a hot bed of coals, all while wearing nearly nothing with their boobs howling in protest.

This usually involves bouncing of the mammary glands, trust me.

And if you like dirty girls, not as in perverted ones, I’m talking about actual dirt, here would be your chance. I personally prefer a lady to smell a little like lilacs and have some fingernail polish on with properly coiffed hair, but hey to each his own.

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