Crazy Top Pokies

I think our theme for today should be crazy top pokies. We might as well narrow our focus down to something that is nearly possible to find, so that we have a gargantuan sense of accomplishment when we’re done.

crazy top pokiesSo here’s an idea. Combine some slinky black bikini bottoms with a crochet top that is so loose fitting that at any given moment it might flutter around and reveal a breasticle or two. This black-haired beauty is doing a fine job filling out this top, and I can’t help but notice she has some interesting pokies going on. Is it cold? Did she pinch those girls before the photo was taken?

cityscape pokiesAnd check out this top. There isn’t a button or a catch or a drawstring anywhere in sight. I guess it’s just meant to hang open like this? Well, maybe it’s really supposed to be worn over another shirt. But my beautiful blonde friend here didn’t mess with any of that garbage. No siree Bob, she figured everybody likes to stare at my boobs anyway, why don’t I let it all hang out? The dirty citcyscape in the background only emphasizes the clean, yummy smelling cleavage we’re exposed to here. Ahhh, what a wonderful dichotomy. Car exhaust and woman-nips, my two favorite smelling things.

selfie pokiesA few selfie pokies always get my goat going. It’s hard for me to tell if this is some kind of fancy pink top, or if it’s a weird-ish bodysuit. It doesn’t matter, because I’m hypnotized by the cleavage. Trapped, if you will, unable to get out of the hole I’ve fallen into. I don’t know what it is with me today, but I’m feeling the need to motorboat those girlies. Careful though, because with nipples that hard she might scratch my eyeballs out. I kinda wonder with that fancy cellphone cover she’s got if she might have like a 2Tb memory capacity and the equivalent number of photos of herself in her wonderful braless glory.

purple bikini pokiesI realize this is mostly just a purple bikini, but it qualifies for my most excellent crazy top post because it’s waaaay too small for this gal’s giant hooters. I mean, seriously, this top has no chance to contain the mogombos. If she were to sneeze, she’s probably flip those things up so high it would knock a number of birds off a power line. It’s hard to tell, but is the bikini wet? I have no other explanation of why it is molded so perfectly to her nipples. It looks like its thin strings are straining beneath the weight of supporting her – she may actually decapitate herself if that string cuts into her neck any deeper. Also, I’m guessing this is yet another selfie. I don’t know what we would do if busty braless women stopped taking risque photos of themselves. Probably get depressed and quit wanting to live?

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