Maitland Ward Baxter

Mark, one of our readers, was kind enough to contact me recently and point out that the boobylicious gal in the last photo of this post
is actually Maitland Ward Baxter.

I had never heard of her before, so I internet stalked searched her out to see what’s what. She is not a young buck – she was born in 77 which makes her 40 years old these days. She did some soap operas and some TV shows. But it was after she retired from acting and started doing cosplay stuff that she blew up the internet. Like literally, they had to call Al Gore to try and troubleshoot the shit, boom went the WWW.

Maitland Ward BaxterYou and I are not dummies, and we can guess the primary reason for her popularity. Actually reasons: plural. Two words. Mamm-aries.

She tends to push the limits. Acting wasn’t enough, so she started dressing up in semi-trashy comic outfits, not wearing a bra so her bewbz would drive dudes crazy. Then she had to take it a step further, and she started showing up naked, except for body paint. Some women can get away with body paint, but they tend to be on the skinny side. Not that Maitland is fat, she is damn curvy. Things move around when she walks, know what I mean?

So imagine being a geeky dude at a comicon event, and in walks this busty, famous actress and she’s nekkid except for a thin layer of paint. Yes, you would probably make squeaky noises in the back of your throat, and crush on her so bad you would embarrass yourself.

She married a real estate agent awhile back. Really? I was thinking maybe a Saudi oil tycoon or something. How can a real estate agent keep up with this level of cougar hotness? Maybe he as a big (bank account).

She is always posting up photos and video clips on social media of her cleavage. Literally, it’s like her main focus. What must her husband think of that? Is he proud, like yo that’s my hot mamma! Or does he feel threatened that several hundred thousand horny dudes are ogling her goodies? And you know what those some of those comic conventions must be like. Some dude bumping into her from the back – oh excuse me babe I didn’t see your curvy ass there.Maitland Ward in fishnet

She has this frizzy-hair, puppy-dog eye thing going on that I found very attractive. I actually looked up her measurements. When you’re an expert like me, you can call this research rather than stalking. I wanted to know how tall Maitland is, because when I fixate on someone it’s apparently important that they be somewhat petite rather than amazonian. She is 5’10” which is frankly just too tall for me. They list her as either a 32 or a 36D, and I’m not so sure that’s accurate. Those girlies look like they are at least DD to me. Who do you believe,
a) some random internet site
b) some bralessblog guy who has never seen Maitland in person but has been evaluating boobies for many years?

Anyway, enjoy these photos of Maitland, and if you want me to “cover” her again in the future, feel free to contact me or leave me a comment.

PS – thanks Mark!

I recently update the post with a few more photos of Maitland. Lord, does she enjoy showing off! Admittedly, the photos I added from a few years ago show her looking a bit different. Um, how should I put this. Less curvy. Less, ahhh, pudgy. But still, we love her regardless.

I could also mention that as of May 16, 2018 Maitland had 186k followers on her instagram account

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