Meghan Markle Braless Boobs Are Adorable

Unlike a normal person, when I saw Meghan Markle getting hitched to Prince Harry the other day, I thought… she has nice boobies.

I immediately set about looking for yummy photos of her cleavage. Let’s not give me too much credit – when I say immediately, that pretty much means whenever I get around to it.

Meghan Markle pokiesAs it turns out, before Meghan was a princess, she was not shy about flashing those boobs around.

I would estimate she is a pretty solid B-cup. Certainly all-natural, not enhanced.

Meghan has flawless skin and a fabulous smile, but it’s her body that attracts my attention. She’s on the skinny side, so deep cleaving and heaving bosoms are probably not gonna be part of the deal. But she has enough to work with.

She tends to exercise to stay fit. She’s 36 years old, and fit can turn to flab if you’re not careful at that age. Hard to attract the attention of the royal testosterone if you’re pudgy.

Meghan Markle nipplesSo that means she has a butt too. Her dad is very European, and her mom is African American, so she has quite the exotic flava and some potential for badonkadonk.

I’m sure errrbody would love to see Meghan Markle nude, but I reckon we would have to settle for topless. Yep, I’ve seen the clip which appears to be shot on a beach with some kind of hidden camera that Meghan later discovers. And yep, those nipples are yummy.

It seems like she is much less racy with her photo shoots and her come-hither looks after the period of time where she met the prince. I guess she figured she better tone it down a little, or she might be found unfit for the royal family?

She even deleted her social media accounts. That actually cracks me up. She had 1.9 million Instagram followers.

Meghan Markle bralessSomeone from the British Monarchy probably sat her down with a bright light in her face and vicious dogs barking in the background and said “Keep your boobies in your shirt. Cut out all the blogging and social media nonsense. We are watching you.”

That’s a real shame, because her body makes me hungry.

I’d kinda like to see her crawling on the floor in some heels and a satin neglige with her boobs dangling and wobbling a little bit and a devious gleam in her eye. Do you think maybe that will happen at her next bachelorette party?

I was sort of hoping Meghan would have some hot siblings who were less likely to be intimidated and more willing to carry on the braless tradition. Unfortunately, her half-sister Samantha Grant is not really all that hot, and not terribly inclined to parading around in various states of undress to titillate

folks like me and you.

My prediction is we may see very few bikini photos, no more interviews where she goes for the braless open-jacket look, no candids with her thong peeking over her low-riders, no lingerie commercials. Dang, now that I think about, I’m getting depressed and need some medication.

Not to sound pessimistic, but this may be a bit of an expiring opportunity. It’s possible all the Meghan cleavage and booty will be so thoroughly locked away and guarded in the future that all the racy bits we’re ever going to see have already been produced.

Plus, at 36, she’s getting older and how much longer are we going to be drooling over her?

Actually, I withdraw that question. Considering I have a braless milf section here on the website, I guess I should acknowledge that older ladies make me horny too.

The best that we could hope for is maybe Meghan and Harry go on an erotic vacation together in the tropics, and some photographer with a lens the size of a telescope snaps some photos of her naked on her balcony. Or maybe dripping and partially see-through on the beach. Seems unlikely, but a dude can hope.

I don’t seem to have many other royal references here on Braless Blog. That’s no surprise since I’m more interested in hot chicks than pedigrees. No posts on Kate Middleton, which seems rather lazy of me. Note to self: take this as an opportunity to look for perverted photos of Kate and Meghan hugging and squashing their bewbz together. There’s an old post long ago about this princess, but not quite the same thing 🙂

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