Biking Boobs

bike cleavageI was driving down the road yesterday in my rusty Yugo, belching oily exhaust and trying to kill as many trees as possible, when I nearly had a head-on crash with a gal on a bicycle. She was fully equipped with a day-glow orange helmet, an LED light on her handlebars, and the fancy zip-up jerseys that you see everyone wearing these days. The funny thing is, she had that jersey unzipped halfway to her bellybutton, her boobs were spilling out, and it was quite distracting.

And I realized: this is actually a thing.

Biking boobs! A new fetish for me to, umm, enjoy!

bike boobs 2Yes, I’ve certainly dabbled in the art of the downblouse before. It can be so yummy to enjoy a peak down a busty lady’s shirt. But this is kind of taking it to a whole different level, or at least a whole different direction.

Watching those sweaty boobies wobble to and fro while your favorite cyclist is hunched over the handlebars is mighty fun.

bike pokiesAnd like everything else these days, chicks are trying to make a living unzipping for the camera. Social media posts are blowing up when these gals grin at the camera and snap a selfie with their perkies poking. Other women are jealous, and can’t leave it alone. And guys like up click and until our clicking fingers are numb.

All in all, I think it’s a great way to turn a kind of boring sport into and excellent perversion-fest.

braless bikerOccasionally you can find some wanton woman enjoying her bike ride just like nature intended – unfettered by a bra, and with those boobs deliciously unbound. Who wants to squash their boobies up in a sportsbra? Nope, not you and I. Screw it ladies, let’s slip into one of those sexy, silky jersies with no underwear or bra. And make sure your nipples are visible. And make sure that jersey rides up into the crack of your butt, and gives you a pretty soft, solid cameltoe.

Because I’m so damn awesome, I actually dug up the “old” braless bicycling video I posted to youtube awhile back. In four years, it has received around 180k views. In this case, the emphasis is on “braless” rather than biking, as this girl (with some truly ginormous knockers) isn’t exactly a world-class cyclist.

I actually got a notice the other day that youtube took down one of my videos called “braless walk”. Zero nudity, nothing raunchy, just somewhat provocative. So click the thumbs up and enjoy it while you can, who knows how long videos like this will stay up.

And after the embedded video, I’ve attached a handful of other biker babe photos. Cause I’m actually too lazy to annotate or describe them, but none of us are too lazy to enjoy them 🙂

bike cleavage 2biking boobies 3unzipped jerseyserious cleavagebiking sideboobbiking nipples

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