Braless Brides

I have historically focused on bridesmaids and reception-goers in my wedding posts. But I think it’s time to cover a few brides. Not “cover” them, we want them uncovered, but you know what I mean.

Apparently getting married is like a drug to women. They get all giddy, and their pupils dilate, and they start saying yes a lot. I’ve heard some dirty wedding photographers say they routinely ask to take “boudoir” photos if an upcoming bride seems particularly pliable. And then on occasion, if they say yes, one thing leads to another and the photographer ends up getting laid by the future bride just before the wedding.

Now, maybe these guys are BS’ing me. But it seems to make sense. After all, I have a degree in amateur hoochie-mamma psychology from Walmart University.

Another little known fact, at least to us guys, is chicks love to get their wedding dress on in front of other chicks. Maybe part of it is fellowship. Maybe part of it is kinda rubbing it in their face. I’m getting married to this stud, and you’re not. Check out my body. Yep, he loves all this. He loves me and not you. It’s because my body is fabu-fuckin-loso and I have a platimum puss. Bam, rub it in your face.

Women can be cruel and heartless, especially to each other. Maybe that’s why there are so many snaps of gals getting dressed for their weddings. Other chicks take the pics, and then send them around the web as retribution. That bitch thinks she can taunt me with her hot wedding body? Does she not realize anyone can starve themselves for 2 months before a wedding an lose a little pudge? I’ll show her, that hussy. I’m gonna mail her braless photos to her ex.

Whatever the reason, it’s a thing. I kinda like collecting photos of girls doing dirty things on their wedding days. Some of them are not fit to be posted here, cause hey I try to keep it non-nude and simply perverted. Braless we can deal with, but goo’d up and spread is probably a little much, at least for bralessblog.

And no, you wankers, don’t email me asking for more raunchy photos. Welll, unless you have something to trade. You’d be surprised at how many folks contact me asking for more photos/videos of this gal or that gal. A bunch of stalkers, I tell ya. Including women. Women get smitten, and contact me begging. Maybe some of the bridesmaids in these photos will recognize themselves and want more memory photos to wank with.

Ah well, so much for the purity of the bide and the sanctity of marriage. Errrbody’s gotta get off, including horny brides. The grooms probably got dragged to a raunchy bachelor party, and are all empty, spent, and maybe a little nervous that they picked up something worse than the common cold from the stripper who turned out to do more than strip.

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