ZZ Top Approves of Braless Babes

We should celebrate life, liberty, and the pursuit of horniness with some random braless babes. If you agree, scroll down for the win…

car pokiesThis milf-ish babe sitting on the hood of the car with her nipples poking out reminds me of ZZ Top. Remember them? I wonder what those old perverts are doing these days. I’m hoping they are munching bunches of viagra and chasing naughty nurses around the old folks home. She seems to be a little chilly, and wow I guess that dress came in a can, because it looks like it’s sprayed on.

cheerleader nipplesCollege football has been a big deal lately. Raise you hand if you catch glimpses of those perky little cheerleaders and think dirty thoughts. Mmm-hmm, I thought so. Me too. This cutie definitely qualifies as perky, even if she is a little on the slim side of not-well-endowed. I would guess roughly one-biiiiilion people so her pokies pushing against the thin fabric of that crop top, and wanted to undress her with their eyes. Probably even a few women.

braless cocktail dressI debated about whether I should call this a “club dress” or a “cocktail dress“. Who cares; damn what a babe. One time I went out on a date with a girl that looked like this. She was even wearing a dress like this. I took her to an all-you-can-eat buffet and sort of mumbled to her around mouthfuls of food while I stared at her chest. It was pretty much like looking into deep space at the secret of the universe. I was aware of life going on around me, but it just wasn’t easy to tear my eyes away from cleavage that promised such a glorious home for my nose and lips. Having this girl pile into my jalopy and seeing her already-short skirt ride up those silky thighs when she sat beside me. Yeah, I’m still dreaming.

downblouse tanktopIf I walked by a house (mobile home) and saw this lady bent over painting the trim on the bottom of her cabinets, I’d probably have some kind of freakout session. Let’s ignore her funky hair for a minute, and just focus on her boobs. Not that any of us would need encouragement to do that. That whole downblouse thing cannot be ignored. You are going to look. Even a gay dude would look. And with her tanned, deep cleavage, this gal has packed them into a v-neck tanktop knowing that she is going to rock somebody’s world.

braless selfieI can actually smell this girl’s boobs. They smell like vanilla. Her nipples probably smell a little spicy, because sometimes the pheromones that nipples release do that. Thank god for the naked selfies, am I right? I don’t really need a cell phone, because nobody would ever call me, but I understand the magic they have locked with 24/7 access to curvy women’s bodies and I vote yes. I’d like to climb into this hotel bed with her and squash her underneath my manly, hairy, smell, slightly flabby body. I think we would both enjoy it. I can tell by that little ghost of a smile on her lips.

zztop babes

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