Santa Rocks Braless Video

As some of you have noticed, my youtube channel has taken a beating. I don’t want to whine like a little bay-bay, but the prudes at google keep deleting my stuff. Examples:
November – “bralessblogedit 22617” flagged for inappropriate content and deleted
August – “braless video megacompilation” flagged for inappropriate content and deleted
August – “braless walk” flagged and deleted
November 2017 – “huge braless video compilation #4” flagged and deleted

The list goes on.

The “braless video megacompilation” had 1.8 million views! And zero nudity. Give me a break.

Usually I just upload a heavily edited version of my full video to youtube as a preview. Folks that like the preview and want to buy it can do so here on the site.

A few days ago, I created a new video called “Santa Rocks Braless“. It’s about 700mb and sixteen minutes long. For those of you who subscribe to my youtube channel, no you’re not imagining things. I did indeed upload a preview and you probably got a notice that I had added new content. Maybe two hours after I uploaded it, youtube took it down. Too racy, but basically I’m just on their shitlist.

In this case, I’m trying something different.

I’ve posted the entire video here on BralessBlog, but hidden the page. If you want to see it for free, just contact me via my contact form and I’ll email you the page URL. No, I’m not going to spam you. I don’t know how popular this thing is going to be, and I’m worried if I get several hundred users at once streaming it, the server will crash. I’m not youtube after all!

So go -> here if you want a link to the new video.

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