Sarah Silverman Wants Your Attention on her Boobs

Sarah Silverman has boobs, and she wants you to know it.

Sarah Silverman downblouseSome chicks don’t mind showing them off, but they are very selective. They don’t want any “creeps” to be staring at them. Sarah ain’t that way. God gave her a gift, and she wants to share them with errrbody.

I knew who Sarah was, vaguely, but it wasn’t until recently that I saw a photo of her with her boobs hanging out and realized what I had been missing!

Sarah Silverman boobsAs a comedian, nothing has been off limits for her. She routine makes raunchy comments, and leaves nothing to the imagination when she picks topics. She has been accused of being a racist, she’s Jewish, she campaigned for Hillary, she’s all over the map.

She also says that comedian Louis C.K. masturbated in front of her, and she allowed (enjoyed?) it. They were friends, and hey, friends help each other out. Combine that with the fact that she admits she’s struggled with depression her whole life, and we can pretty much surmise she’s as crazy as a shit-house bat.

Sarah Silverman bralessThere have been a few nude scenes over the years. And why not? If I had a body like that I’d shake it for money too. There have been a few unfortunate glimpses of a wookie bush. One Sarah becomes my girlfriend, I will definitely convince her to give that thing a trim every now and then. Nobody wants to get lost in a jungle pubes. Maybe she usually does trim, but the directors of the movie thought it would be more “real” to let ‘er grow? Let’s hope so.

Sarah Silverman redcarpetShe’s 48 now, and there’s no sign that those boobs are drooping down to her navel. I’m sure they aren’t as perky as they used to be, but I think she’s taken good enough care of herself that she is still a bionic sex machine. In fact, I kinda wonder if in her late 40’s her libido isn’t revving up and she’s working her boyfriend out 7 days a week. Or maybe a pillow or a sybian on her lunchbreak.

I don’t think she’s married, she’s too progressive for that.
Sarah Silverman titsSarah Silverman cleavageSarah Silverman boobs 2

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