Lifeguard Nipples

lifeguard pokies 15What red-blooded American kid doesn’t grow up with a lifeguard fetish? I am particularly compromised, since I grew up watching Pamela Anderson bounce her rack around on Baywatch once a week. Going to the pool as a kid, the lifeguards always seemed so grown up and so insanely sexually charged. Seriously, do you remember ever seeing an ugly female lifeguard as a kid? Yeah, I didn’t think so. It’s like the hiring criteria involves grading them on a scale of 1-10 on hotness, and only hiring 11 and above.

lifeguard nipples 1So I guess there really is such a thing as a “female lifeguard convention”. All of these photos were taken at such a convention. In some of the pics, you can see a zillion photographers dotting the beaches. Maybe these hotties are so used to standing around half-naked in front of random sandy/sweaty strangers that it just doesn’t bother them? I definitely missed my calling if there is a real profession where you just take photos of lifeguard nipples all day.

Speaking of which, as you may have noticed, I have culled out all the um boring photos and I’ve focused – for your viewing pleasure – on the ones that seem to emphasize boobage. These ladies were really put through their paces, so it’s not unusual to see action shots of them jumping and running and surfing and making out. Well, maybe not making out, but still.

Some of these gals look like they are either professional athletes or models. Or both. Some have ripped abs and very toned bodies. About 75% of the photos are high resolution, so you are going to want to zoom waaaaay in and not miss a single mole, freckle, or nipple gland. Because, hey, perverts-R-us.

I have a few favorites, but really I’m just enjoying the thought of these little hunny’s prowling around the beach without much on and their pokies saying hello.

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