Nipple Clamp Review

While you are here rummaging around on BralessBlog, you might as well become an expert on nipple clamps.

I tend to focus a lot on boobs here on the site, as you’ve probably noticed. Nipples are, to a certain extent, part of the package. Over the years, I’ve tried to avoid nudity, mainly as just a challenge. I certainly don’t have anything against nudity. So the boobs vs nipples paradox is the semi-nude vs nude discussion. It’s pretty hard to “cover” the topic of nipple clamps without actually showing a nipple. So I guess that’s a warning, or at least an acknowledgement, that we may see some nipples in this post.

Strictly an educational thing, of course.

This review will cover the following topics:
What they are used for
The various types
How they work
How to use them

What are nipple clamps used for?

Even Wikipedia describes nipple clamps as a sextoy. At it’s basic level, it pinches the nipple in a way that provides sensation and excitement. Also, they allow for hands-free nipple play. In some cases, just the weight of the clamp or its mere presence is adequate, in other cases women prefer a vibrating clamp.

So to answer this question, nipple clamps are used for stimulating the nipples.

What are the various types of nipple clamps?

There are many different variations of nipple clamps. The most basic use a tweezer style of clamp, or some thing that looks like an alligator clip.

More sophisticated versions have add-ons.

As I mentioned above, one type of add-on is a vibrator. The vibrations can help provide extra sensation, pleasure, and pain.

Some have chains that connect the right and left clamps to one another, and allow users or users’ partners to tug on them for a delicious ache. There are even nipple clamps that have chains connecting them to a clit clamp.

And you may have seen clamps that have feathers or beads connected to them. As a feather or bead dangles, it can tickle and further stimulate.

How do nipple clamps work?

Let’s walk through the basics of how they work…

Figure 1 – Here are some common nipple clamps connected by a chain.

Figure 2 – Here I’ve pointed out the clamps themselves.

Figure 3 – And here are the adjustment screws. This allows the user to customize how much “clamp” or squeeze is exerted on the nipples.

How to use nipple clamps?

Well, I think answering this question calls for another diagram. Figure 4 shows proper installation…

And if you use a pair of feathered clamps, of course the feather will dangle down to tickle your abdomen when attached. See Figure 5:

It’s hard to go wrong, but you will want to make sure you start out with fairly light pressure. You don’t want to surprise yourself with a YOWZA! pinch 🙂


1. A little clamp action can go a long way. There’s no need to start out with something that is going to completely annihilate your nips.

2. Coming off is more intense than staying on. Regardless of how much of a pinch you like, keep in mind that when you take the nipple clamps off, there is a large influx of blood to the area of your nipple that was previously deprived. Your nerve endings are really going to sing. So be prepared.

3. Don’t be afraid to use temperature. Making the nipples cold with ice will to a certain extent dull the sensation of the clamps. Heating them with hot water or a heating pad (or a warm mouth) will make it more sensitive.


Best “Serious” Nipple Clamps:

Things clamps look a bit menacing to the uninitiated. Thew jaws are sort of scary looking, and large, and serrated for an optimal grip. They are not decorative at all. They are weighty, and bigger than they look in the photos. They are fully adjustable, and very durable. These could be used by a beginner, but are more for serious ladies who are ready to put their nipples through a bit of an exercise.

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Best Basic Nipple Clamps With Chains:

These fancy clamps come with nice purple chains that add weight and connect the two clamps. These are adjustable, so just the right amount of tension can be dialed in. The silicone coverings provide some modicum of safety and comfort, and are also hypo-allergenic. They are about 14″ from clamp to clamp, so the size is right. Cost is reasonable, but these aren’t “pro” level clamps in terms of durability.

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Best High Tech Nipple Clamps

Stand back and clap for the winner of the high tech prize. Have you ever heard of vibrating nipple clamps? Each grippy, adjustable clamp is equipped with a small module that produces vibrations. When clamped on and hung from the nipples, this provides an incredible and unique sensation. The small, rubber coated control panel can be used to increase or decrease vibrations, and to switch modes. It also has an on/off switch. This is sort of the “platinum” version of nipple clamps, and is guaranteed to impress and delight her!

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