BralessBlog January Video

Eventually I will get around to annotating this video, adding some details below so you know what you’re looking at. But right now I’m feeling lazy.

I think the braless chick in the white tanktop with the crazy pokies is my favorite. Which is yours?

One of the little easter eggs hidden in the video is the chick riding in the Uber who isn’t wearing a bra and drives us crazy by filming her boobs bouncing around with her phone. That’s my kind of naught girl 🙂

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Segment 1: A gorgeous blonde with what I think is an all-natural rack is playing with a football. She is in shorty-shorts that seem to give her a bit of a cameltoe, and a white tanktop (sportsbra?) that’s way too small for her chest. Lots of bouncing ensues.

Segment 2: A sexy milf with huge knockers is in a white tanktop and wanders around explaining decorations or possibly real estate. Meanwhile those big one’s are nipply and her pokies threaten to poke the cameraman’s eyes out.

Segment 3: A headless brunette is trying on a new piece of lingerie. I can tell her right now – your boobs are too big for that sweetie. She was caressing herself and pinching her nipples, but I kind of edited that out to pass the youtube meanies. See when she turns sideways and points to her boobs squeezing out? Yep, all natural!

Segment 4: This raven-haired goddess is in a thin white tanktop and walking around in the city, at one point with her other (braless) friends. Wow, just wow. You can see every little bump and ridge in her nipples. And her boobs keep bouncing and swaying. I can’t get enough of this video. I hope you yahoos appreciate my efforts at finding and posting this! 🙂 I think I have watched this like 69 times.

Segment 5: Look, I have no idea what this girl is doing. She is standing on a toilet. And she’s wearing shorty-shorts, and a semi transparent tight white top. And sneakers. And glasses. God bless her, I will happily watch her stand on a toilet or brush her teeth or whatever she wants to do when she is wearing this getup.

Segment 6: This is a voyeur-tastic sequence that shows a milf with milky white boobies walking on the street. She is wearing a yellow sundress that is open waaaaay down to her navel, and there’s no containing those big natural breasts. Jiggle jiggle, wiggle wiggle.
I edited the clip so we can see the zoomed in portion after she passes the camera.

Segment 7: This big-breasted petitie thang is in a cherry bikini and as she stomps and prances impatiently for the camera, her boobs wiggle in a way that makes my pants tight. Her pretty smile, with that red lipstick and those white teeth, please marry me.

Segment 8: More big boobies in a bikini, this time on the beach. This gal’s body is made for only one thing. And I’d be happy to dry her off and take her inside and… yep.

Segment 9: These clips are of a diver. She’s wearing a super-tight blue suit. I really enjoyed spying her pokies and checking out her crotch while she balls up and dives. Her little splash makes me think of giving her a big splash.

Segment 10: Damn! This lady took an Uber ride and purposely did so without a bra. Her boobs start jiggling around under her shirt, so what does she do? She gets her phone out and videos her boobies. This is hot. I wish I was in the car with her.

Segment 11: Here’s a behind the scenes view of a blonde model doing a photoshoot. Wowzers, her cans are giant. Possibly too big? Nah, no such thing. She is a little pudgy but really pretty and her boobs make me think such dirty thoughts.

Segment 12: Look, don’t call me a creeper for staring at this chick in the shower. She purposely filmed this so that creeps like me could watch her. There is an awful lot of saggy sideboob action going on here. And if she keeps flashing that perky big butt around I’m going to have to give her a pearl necklace.

Segment 13: This girl took to social media to show off her new hair color. But she did so in a thin white tanktop that has no chance of hiding her pokie nipples. Annnd I’m not complaining.

Segment 14: I have shown some clips of this busty Asian girl before. Here she is unboxing something new while wearing barely-there shorts and a cutoff tanktop that we all know is going to result in some nipple slips. I’ve tried to pick out a few segments that show some yummy flashes of cleavage and sideboob.

Segment 15: Black latex dress, keyhole front, giant boobs. is she dancing in a shower??

Segment 16: Blonde on the beach, tshirt cutoff and showing underboob. Hurray!

Segment 17: Big round ones. This blonde is the one that the video thumbnail was taken of. After teasing us for a bit, she finally pulls that bra off, and the world becomes glorious. She is so pretty. I really like her smile, and her eyes. maybe not so much her hair, which looks like it accidentally got fried when she bleached it. Do you like that camera angle where she is holding her boobs and you are staring right straight down into her face and her cleavage? Yeah, I thought you did. What does that make you think of, dirty boy (and girls)?

Segment 18: White bathing suit, off the shoulders, big natural boobs just… about… to pop out? She squashes them up for us. Yum.

Segment 19: Giant FFF-cup boobs, on her webcam, sitting in her office chair. Stretch. Wobble. Smile. Thank goodness she took her suspenders off.

Segment 20: Blonde at a bar. She has probably set her iphone in a corner and is filming herself being slutty. She pulls her shirt off her shoulders, and her massive boobs are about to fall out of that black lingerie. Her fingernails are kinda disturbing. They are like talons, and would not feel good on my johnson.

Segment 21: Yeah, she’s old. And yeah, she’s not in great shape. But this milf’s enthusiasm for shaking her braless boobs is unmatched. She definitely wasn’t doing this for her husband, because no wife gets this excited for her husband. Probably for her boyfriend, or maybe her creepy fans.

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