I Guess Bikini Pokies Make Me Hor-nay

Today must be the day. The day that epic bikini pokies are going to make me whimper and cry and beg for more.

And you can do that too. Or just sit back, eat your cheese puffs, and leave your hand in your pants.

bikini pokiesYa’ll know I have become an expert on natural boobs, right? Sometimes you just can’t tell, but sometimes you can. One telltale sign is of course the boob squish. This gal has boob squish going on. They are big, and they are natural, and she is squishing them, and god bless her for allll that.

If she sat down beside me on the bus, I would probably be unable to breathe. Or move. Except my crotch.

I realize this isn’t exactly a bikini, but surely none of you yahoos are going to complain.

Dang, why can’t any of the soccer moms that hang out at my neighborhood pool wear something like this? And while we’re at it, wishing our lives away, can they also please grow bodies just like this? I like the high waist on the swimsuit, and the pokies are just so choice.

There is just enough boob droop here to make me think we’re dealing with another pair of naturals.

One would hope that the same stiff breeze that is apparently frizzing this gal’s hair up would also do us a favor and blow her bikini top off. Wow, it is hanging there by a thread isn’t it? If she teased me any more I might cry.

Little body, big boobs.

Hear me out now, that’s a great combination. I like ’em petite, but I tend to like them with something upstairs. This is not an easy combination to find.

This gal is driving my crazy with the extra bounce per ounce in her white bikini top.

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