Can’t Ignore Braless Crotches

I’m supposed to be focused on boobs. That’s what the website is for, and that’s kinda my obsession. But sometimes a fella can’t help but check out a bit of vadge.

So today’s platinum edition of BralessBlog is going to offer up a couple of hunnies spreading their legs.

braless babeLike this little filly.

Now clearly she was doing some kind of photo shoot, and she obediently followed the photographer’s orders. When he told her to sit in the middle of the road and throw her head back and spread her legs, she did so without question.

Why am I not a photographer?? I mean, the camera does all the work. How hard could this be? I could order hot ladies around and have them take off their clothes and the world would be perfect.

The brown/tan romper she is wearing is quite low-cut, and I love the way it shows off her braless boobies.

And if you’re like me, you zoomed in on her crotch, and thoroughly studied each little line and bulge while trying not to whine like an overly excited puppy.

braless swimsuitThis blonde momma is doing it right.

Her pokies are really standing out (pun intended) in this white 1-piece swimsuit. And not only is she spreading her legs and jamming her crotch out in an attempt to rip it right out of her clothing, she is also touching the tops of her thighs and “framing” herself with her hands.

That’s what I would do if I was Harvy Weinstein. Oops, I mean a photographer. I would yell “frame your vagina!” and the model would look at me with her pouty little lips and say yes sir.

braless blondeI don’t want to waste a post, so I might as well fill our reading time up with additional hotness.

I kind of like this girl’s glasses. And her boobs are just begging for a good motorboat. Hahahaha, I crack myself up.

Do you think she is cold, or does she just have permanip?

I think that’s a real medical condition, by the way.

braless in the alleyI seem to be all up on the blondies today.

This particular girl is the cutest little smiling amateur ever. That tanktop she’s wearing doesn’t stand a chance against her perky braless busoms.

I like her little bellybutton. She ain’t ripped, she has probably been eating some chocolate bars and drinking some cocktails. And that’s just fine. I would help her work those extra calories off with my special version of cardio.

braless blue eyed blondeOne more blonde, this one with blue eyes and white teeth.

Those cutoff shorts make me think dirty thoughts. Is she a Dixie Chick? She probably has a country accent. She would sound so yummy when she was moaning “oooh, motorboat me daddy”.

Whoa, what happened? There for a minute I was all zoned out and daydreaming. Is she on her knees in her bedroom? I would… well, you know what I would do.

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