The Top Five Reasons to do Your Spring Cleaning While Braless

Well it’s the first of March, and it’s time to start thinking about Spring time. Birds chirping, a little sunshine, and some chicks in short-shorts and tanktops would put me in the right kind of mood, that’s for sure.

All chicks should be determined to do their Spring cleaning while braless. Why, you ask? With no further ado, I’ll present to you my top five reasons…

1. It’s more entertaining. Yes, watching your boobs wobble to and fro is enjoyable for us dudes. Let those girls bounce while you scrub and vacuum.

2. You’ll stay cooler. We don’t want you to overheat while you’re doing all that physical activity. You can’t get too physical and start sweating.

3. It will save you work. That bra will be one extra article of clothing you’ll have to wash and dry. C’mon, do you really need it?

4. It’s like practicing for bikini season. Summer is right around the corner. You need to be training your boobs for that skimpy bikini top you bought on clearance at the end of last summer.

5. It will probably turn your husband/boyfriend on. He’s probably given up on the possibility that you’ll ever wear that French Maid costume he bought you last Valentine’s Day. Bouncing your boobs around and displaying your pointy nipples is the least you can do!

While we’re talking about Spring, I thought now would be a good time to launch a spring time braless video compilation. At last count, I have over 13k subscribers to my youtube channel. I think I had more than that before the last time they banned me. That’s always a very real possiblity, even though I put together videos that don’t show any nudity. I make zero dollars off the youtube channel or the videos, I do not (cannot) monetize them. I just do it for fun.

If you want to support the vids and try to keep them from getting banned, probably the best thing you can do is to give this one a thumb’s up on youtube, and to subscribe to the bralessblog youtube channel if you haven’t already.

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