Banned From Youtube

As some of you may have noticed, Youtube has banned me and closed my account.

This happened several years ago, but I rejoined and sort of took it easy, trying to fly below the radar. After all, my videos were compilations of braless babes but showed no nudity.

Flying below the radar only worked for so long, and then a few days ago I got the email saying buh-bye. I had violated community guidelines, etc.

I could bitch about how unfair it is, and what wussies they are considering it was really pg-13 content, and far less sexual than some of the stuff you see on youtube, but at the end of the day if ya play with fire you’re gonna get burned, and I got burned.

There were over 13,000 subscribers to my channel, and some of my videos had been watched over one million times. But now more!

Now this is probably a bad idea, but I’m going to try hosting the most recent video I posted on youtube here on BralessBlog. I think that’s going to melt my gimpy server down, but I’ll try it.

You can find that video here.

I guess I could spend my own hard-earned money to upgrade my server, and do tons of videos for you guys (and girls), but you’d have to convince me to do that with some donations. Or maybe it’s just as easy for you to visit the “paid” video page here and buy a video or two and that’s basically like donating 🙂

I’ll eventually rumble around the site here and delete all the old youtube links. Until then, sorry for all the dead links.

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