The Sideboob Side-eye

Thank god for mirrored sunglasses.

I don’t say that because I’m a fashion maven. Far from it. If folks don’t like my 1980’s Reebok tanktop that has a few holes in it and a bit of yellow tinge, ohwelltoobad.

I use the mirrored sunglasses to hide my eyes. Cause sometimes I can’t help but stare.

Especially at sideboob.

It’s a bit like downblouse stuff. What red-blooded male can restrain himself from checking out boobies when they are offered up on display? Not me, that’s for sure. Hence the sunglasses.

Have you ever done the thing where you are looking but you are trying to keep your head pointed straight ahead so nobody knows you’re looking? Come on, I know you have. Admit it.

Well, that’s the side-eye. If you happen to be doing it to track a little sideboob action, then you have sideboob side-eye. Annnd BAM! You have the title of my post today.

Asian sideboob picI could’ve sworn that I had posted this photo before. But I looked all over the site and couldn’t find it.

There are a lot of great photos here on BralessBlog aren’t there!? I kind of forget sometimes, and then when I take a look around, the pervert in me always seems to enjoy the treasure trove.

For example, this is like the original sideboob post from 2017. And it is yummy.

Back to the photo at hand, it thankfully is a part of a pair. The other pic showing this hot little Asian is…

Asian tanktopRight here. Now hot damn, ain’t she a little number?

You have to wonder what is going through her head to wear something like that in public. Guys like me, and you, and even some of you gals are going to stare. Those are just the facts of life.

Maybe she was just super hot, it was summer time, and she wanted to walk around Walt Disney World braless and with sweaty nipples.

More power too her.

bikini sideboobSpeaking of power, check out this power bikini. This girl’s rack is threatening to spill right out. Let’s hope that she ends up jumping in a pool and snapping the edge of that swimsuit over her areola.

Did you notice she has sunglasses on? Yep, she’s probably giving my crotch bulge a little side-eye at the pool. As opposed to looking like I stuffed a large hairy squirrel down my speedos, it looks more like a medium-sized cap that fits on a magic marker.

But yeah, she’s looking.

One more, for good luck?

Ignoring this girl’s hair, which looks like she belongs in a shampoo commercial and makes me want to grab it and sniff it and pull it and get it dirty and crusty, she looks to have some heavy hangers.

I’m sure there is a bit of a wobble there as she walks. After all, we can see in the side of her purple dress, and I’m sure not going to miss a single wiggle of those big boobs.

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