Braless Coffee Guzzler

When I was a kid, we lived not too far from a local 7-11 gas station. During the summer, when we were out of school, I loved to head down there and check things out. This was typically after watching The Beverly Hillbillies, and rubbing one off to Lily Munster.

Now, I did not have any money, but I always longed to get one of those Big Guzzlers. Fill that thing full of ice and a sugary soft drink, and then slurp it down and cool off. Sometimes, if the person behind the counter wasn’t watching too closely, I would get a cup, and fill it up, and take it back through the store like I was shopping. I would drink a little, then just set it on a shelf and hightail it out of there before I got caught.

One time, as I made my escape, the lady who was working the counter yelled at me. She was wearing a tanktop and her boobies were about to come out of that thing as she shook her fist at me. Definitely scarred me for life.

I digress.

I like watching this lady guzzle her coffee braless. Clearly, the way she’s jerked that t-shirt halfway up over her nipples, she is trying to drive us crazy.

She’s got a nice flat belly, but I kinda think she would’ve been better off wearing some damn makeup.

You can also check out this story, which is only loosely related to today’s coffee drinker since once of the scenes occurs in a coffee shop.

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