Daily Braless Video #6 – Braless Maid is Just What I need

I think every dude has a fantasy about a hot maid cleaning up his place while he sits back and leers at her.

Before you flood my inbox whining, I realize this gal is no bombshell. But I really do like the “average milf” scene. And her body is well beyond average.

This is an 11 minute video, and I can’t imagine a better way to spend 11 minutes of my day. However, let me help you out with a few hidden gems:

0:49 a braless boob with a very pokie nipple is right in your face
1:19 that little red skirt hikes up and you get a great upskirt view
1:38 she bends over and we see a tantalizing view of her butt and her panties
2:53 a downblouse, mmm those braless boobs make me want to motorboat
3:47 more of that, with her smiling as you look down her shirt
7:01 an accidental flash of her crotch?

I’m not a huge fan of the tattoos. But I like the accent, and her body is made out of damn steel, she has bleached white teeth, and those boobs would look great bouncing in front of my nose.

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