Daily Braless Video #5 – Braless Yoga Boobs That Made Me Yelp

It’s funny how voracious you guys are for braless videos. My “daily braless video” series has been a big hit. Folks keep writing me asking for more. So far, video #1 seems to be the most popular, but they are all fun to watch, right!

So I figured I would do another segment today to make the fans happy. Before we get to that though, be aware that I updated the Lynda Carter post with a new video. Also, I updated the Blake Lively post with a couple of new eye-popping pictures of her. And one more thing, we can’t ignore Giadavagina.

This girl is quite the little cutie. Wow that body. Her little yellow tanktop is actually a bodysuit that is probably a thong. I’m guessing to keep the youtube nannies calm(er), and keep her cha-cha from falling out, she’s slipped a pair of athletic shorts over the bodysuit. But luckily for us, her yoga antics keep yanking the shorts waaaaay up into the crack of her ass.

She doesn’t have massive boobs, but those little pokies are certainly perky. Enjoy…

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