Diving Pokies

I searched high and low and realized I thus far have only covered swimmer pokies, not diving pokies.

I guess the sports pokies category in general has been a little under-represented the last few years. With the exception of golf. Damn, Grace Charis keeps blowing up the BralessBlog website, probably because she is the hottest, sluttiest little club swinger the golf world has ever seen. Paige is no slouch (and honestly looks hotter), but she doesn’t pull of the naughty girl vibe the way Grace does.

Back to diving, I thought this picture was pretty epic. I kind of think this girl is praying just before her competition. Something along the lines of:

Dear God,
Please help me execute my triple-gainer, half-twist, earsplat without spanking my beaver on the water so hard that it creates a disqualifying tidal wave.
I have yanked my college-issued blue swimsuit so far into my coochie specifically to try and avoid this performance issue. Gotta keep them labia hugged up tight, Lord.
I yes, I apologize about my prolific pokies. I realize this isn’t really the Christian way to jump in the water, but God I’m cold and we all know my areolae are going to react. It’s just biology.
Well, okay, I guess ya know a lie when you hear one. I secretly pinched my nipples back when I was climbing the high dive ladder because that one male judge can’t stop staring at my headlights, and I’m hoping he gives me a perfect score.
Um, also, sorry about that sloppy hummer I gave coach on the bus. I was just paying him back for the extra diving lessons he bought me.
Love, Edith

This diver’s swimsuit is so wet and so tight, we can see every little bump on her body… including her nipples.

And this gorgeous blonde is wearing an electric blue swimsuit that has no hope of hiding her cold pokies.

And this gal is trying really hard to perfect that dive, meanwhile we can see the hint of her nipples and a very interesting bulge at her crotch!

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