Yoga Boobs Almost Pop Out

This yoga girl is getting away with it.

You regular visitors know that no matter what I do, my videos on youtube always end up getting me in hot water. I don’t mean to whine or dredge up alll the drama, but it’s damn frustrating that I can’t post stuff on youtube without getting cancelled by the youtube nannies, despite the fact that I don’t show nudity etc.

Anyway, this gal has her pretty little boobies on the very brink of popping out.

That blue top is loose-fitting, and held together with only one little string. Her tits look to be an all-natural c-cup. And her nipples are so hard, and so ready to be jostled about in our faces.

Now, you’re going to want to watch the whole video, for sure. It’s only 1:17 long. But around the 52 second mark, when she gets up to go to a new pose, the way those boobs wiggle and waggle and almost become uncovered is heavenly. So, yeah, replay that like I did.

There is so much underboob and downblouse-ish material here that it’s amazing it got packed all into a 1 minute video.

There is something about yoga and youtube that let’s folks get away with hot stuff. I’ll remind you of this one. And this yoga gal is epic.

By the way, her name is Flowina Paradise.

Okay, so I’m sure that’s a fake name. She doesn’t want creepers like you and me showing up at her back door. But wow, that’s a crappy fake name. I think she could do better.

Right now, she has 2.9 million subscribers. And no wonder. Wow, those titties.

One of her latest…

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