The Controversy Around Brittany Mahomes’s Boobs

You don’t have to follow American football to know that the best torpedo boobs are shaped like footballs and freely bounce off goalposts when not constrained by a bra.

The Kansas City Chiefs have won another Superbowl with their star quarterback Patrick Mahomes, and he has won at life with a wife that is smoking hot.

Brittany Mahomes was a pro soccer player for an Icelandic team. She is 5’5″ tall, a blonde hottie, and has been athletic her whole life.

Apparently there was quite a bit of controversy over her boobs lately. They appeared to magically grow bigger.

She recently had a kid, and chastised the interwebz to stop speculating about a boob job, and that all breast feeding mommies knew how boobs get bigger when being used as bottles.

Brittany owns a women’s soccer team, and even did some modeling for Sports Illustrated not too long ago. She also runs an online personal training thing. I think Patrick earned something like $37M from the Chiefs in 2023. And who knows how much he makes from chicken nugget commercials. Regardless, these two aren’t going to be doing their grocery shopping at Walmart any time soon.

If Brittany wanted fabulous titties, she could buy some spectacular ones. Any maybe she has done that. Or if she hasn’t maybe she will. I ain’t here to judge. What I am here to do is gawk at that cleavage, and stay on the hungry prowl for glimpses of her nipples.

Even as we speak, there are probably some low-life paparazzi sneaking around trying to sneak nude pics of her. She has an incredible body, so for now all we can do is stand back and appreciate it.

There is a bit of a peek at her crotch here in this shot, tantalizing for sure.

Those boobies are squeezed together in some cleavage here…

A couple of more

In other braless news, I updated Anamaria Dodan’s post with some new pics, and jumped in the wayback machine for Catherine Bell.

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