Braless Anecdotes

1) Braless milf gets mad
She was definitely a milf. Her reddish blonde hair was perfectly cut, but the wind had blown it around. Her designer sunglasses only partially hid her carefully-crafted makeup. But the best part was her boobs. They were massive mommy jugs, and just barely contained in her black tanktop.

I kept watching her as the game went on. She would jump up and cheer for her kid when he was at bat, and the effect was delicious. Her boobs would bounce around and sway back and forth. Every dad in attendance would hold his breath and fidget when she went into motion.

When her kid was called out, she got mad. She had a right to, considering the ump made a bad call. But storming onto the field was a little much. One of the other moms went out there to pull her out of the ump’s face, and things got crazy. The milf scratched at the other mom’s eyes, and then they started fighting. Somehow her tanktop got yanked down, and one pink-nippled breast popped out. It was the best kids’ baseball game I’ve ever been to!

2) Braless customer boobs
“How can you not have an opinion?” she demanded.

“Ma’am, I’m just hear to fix your dishwasher,” I insisted.

“The only reason you wouldn’t be able to say whether you prefer real boobs over fake boobs is because you haven’t studied the topic thoroughly.” She unbuttoned yet another button on her sweater, and I swear I thought her massive jugs were going to pop right out. “Can you tell mine are real?” she asked me coyly. I nodded, and tried not to get hard. She pinched her nipples through the fabric, and they immediately stood at attention. “See how they jiggle?” She cupped them from underneath and shook them at me. “You don’t think they are too droopy, do you?” she asked me with a pout.

“Um, no way. I think they are perfect,” I reassured her.

3) Unhappy with her boobs
“I just don’t like them,” she admitted. She was my coworker, and had invited me over to watch a TV show. She seemed a little drunk, and was complaining about her boobs. She was in a white t-shirt, and clearly wasn’t wearing a bra. Her short shorts were way to short, and the way she was sitting with on the couch with her arm propped up on her knee made me very aware of her spread legs, her smooth, creamy white thighs.

“Your boobs are fine,” I told her. “What do you have to complain about?”

“They are too saggy,” she insisted. “The size is okay, but see how they droop off to the side?” She cupped her tits and squeezed them up and together in a breathtaking display of cleavage. “And my nipples are always hard. It’s embarrassing. Everybody stares.”

“People stare because you have great tits.”

4) Lemons and boobs
“Please don’t kill me!” I begged her.

She laughed. “Do you want some lemonade or not?” Her braless boobies jiggled as she chopped the lemons on the cutting board. Her white tanktop was thin and practically see-through.

“You look pretty dangerous. One minute you might be cutting lemons, the next minute you might chase after me with that giant knife.”

“Well you better mind your P’s and Q’s. If you give me any trouble and take this thing and cut your schlong off.”

“Schlong? Nobody calls it a schlong. Except for Lorena Bobbit. She probably called it a schlong right before she chopped it off and then took it and threw it out her car window as she escaped.”

“I’m just kidding you. I like your schlong way too much to ever cut it off. Why don’t you bring it over here, I have an idea.”

PS – I also updated the Alexandra Daddario post with some cleavage action.

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Braless at the Library

Occasionally I will get a wild urge to deep dive a very narrow niche of the braless genre. Typically, all of you perverts are happy to jump down the rabbit hole with me.

Today’s oddball topic is going braless at the library. In no particular order, let’s review my favorite five ladies of the day…

1) It’s easy to explain why I chose this one. This girl has a massive rack. They are clearly all natural. The way those pokies are jutting out makes me moan.

I like the little choker thing she has around her neck. And the way that she’s looking away from the camera makes me think she just got busted by the librarian for being naughty, and is getting kicked out.

2) I’m totally guessing here, but based on my expert opinion this little blondie has fake boobs.

Hey, I don’t mind. Those nipple are like some kind of gift from Zeus. I like her casual hair wave, and her smirk, but I’m trying to ignore the rabbit tattoo while I dream about shoving my face between her mounds and giving her a good solid motorboat.

I don’t know what she’s going to read, but I would like to watch her doing it. While she’s naked. In a bathtub. With me in it.

3) This is a great view/angle of the little yummy blonde’s boobs.

Her tiny pokies make me think she’s smuggling some raisins underneath her shirt. She has flat abs, and a neck that is just begging for a pearl necklace.

I would imagine those are c-cups, do you agree?

4) Every library I’ve been in is super quiet. But I’m sure this busty milf caused quite an uproar when she waltzed in the door.

Those hard nipples are poking mercilessly through the thin material of her shirt. And she is adding an extra element of arousal by putting the strap of her purse right between her boobs, emphasizing the cleavage.

I bet she has quite a bit of boob bounce while she walks around browsing various book titles.

5) Last but not least is this chubby mamma.

I realize she isn’t a svelte 100 pounds, but I’ve been told hefty girls try harder.

Her boobs are a bit droopy and strangely cross-eyed? But you can clearly see right through her shirt to every detail of her areolae.

She’s smiling, and has dimples, so she wins some points for cuteness.

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The only reference I could find to Halloween was back in 2012. Chameleon boobs are not related to the lizard family. When it gets cold, we long to see the bikini nips.

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Daily Braless Video #10 – the Asian Maid Goes Braless

Put down your coffee and take a deep breath. You’re going to have to prepare yourself. I don’t want you to get caught off guard and have a heart attack or something.

Annie, the little Asian lady, taps meekly on the door.

When I answer it, she smiles and nods, and barges right in carrying a bag of cleaning supplies and a bag of clothes.

She goes straight to the bathroom, and closes the door. When she comes out, she has changed into her magic white cleaning robe. It is made of thin white material that is basically transparent. It has lace around the short sleeves. She has it belted at her waist, but it is hanging open, showing a slice of skin from her neckline all the way down to her waist. Her small, perky breasts press against the fabric, nipples pointing and jiggling suggestively. I can see a dark triangle at her crotch, and a view of her butt crack as she turns, so clearly she is naked underneath the robe.

She takes her cleaning cloth and begins to scrub down the kitchen appliances.

She has her hair tied up, and it is so clean that it shines. Her face is free of make-up, but her skin is youthful and perfect. As she scrubs, her breasts wiggle to and fro and my heart skips a beat. I make a joke and she smiles at me. She is petite, short and tiny. I think about her sitting in my lap and wiggling around in that robe and it makes me groan.

She quietly tells me that once she is finished cleaning, she wants to give me a massage. I think about her rubbing her bare boobs up and down my back and it makes me shiver.

PS – Do you think this is boobie perfection?

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Braless in the Elevator

I had to go to an appointment downtown today. When I got on the elevator to go up to the 6th floor, there was a braless lady that stepped in with me who was so smoking hot, I thought I was on an episode of Candid Camera or something. Was this a glitch in the matrix? Was she purposely distracting me so she could brain me over the head and steal my wallet?

So that got me thinking. About boobs, as always. But in particular, braless boobs on elevators.

This is actually a thing. This is a new sub-category on awesome old BralessBlog. I legit searched the site, and I don’t think I have every typed the word elevator anywhere in our 16 year history.

The ubiquitous smart phone has made selfies of boobs one of my great joys in life.

Since many elevators have mirrors, well BLAMMO! now we get pokies on the elevators. With many cases like this Asian babe where instead of a selfie, her girlfriend or her boyfriend encourages her to halfway disrobe before they snap a pic.

Does anyone want to check out a braless blonde milf with lots of leg tattoos?

Here’s a cute little gal taking her dog for a walk. Those wide hips look great in her little spandex workout shorts. She is a thick one, as evidenced by her wonderful jugs in that croptop.

Is this busty, pokey gal wearing a unitard? I’m guessing she is riding the elevator down to the gym or the dance studio to work out. But if she’s not careful, those perky little nipples are going to cause an accident out on the street.

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