Tight Dress Pokies

For my next installment of “Perverted Braless Fantasies Daily”, we’ll cover tight dress pokies.

tight dress pokies 1Boobies are fun no matter what, but there is definitely a special place in heaven for a girl in a tight dress who is showing off her pokies. You can find this quite often with celebrities, since they walk the red carpet events all the time. But the more rare delicacy is the amateur.

Ahhhh, yes: the girl next door. Or in some cases, the milf next door.

Women are generally self-conscious and self-aware. It would be rare for a woman not to be exquisitely aware of the exact state of her boobs. Are they showing? Is my dress gapped open? Are my nipples poking out?

So if a gal wiggled into a tight dress and did not wear a bra, it was intentional. If she is showing some pokies, she knows about it and it’s probably intentional.

A few years ago, I went to the prom with this hot chick. Okay, it was actually like fifty years ago, and she was actually just sort of mediocre looking. But still, she had nice tits, and she was wearing this foil-looking dress that was incredibly tight and outlined every single ridge and dimple on her nipples. When I went to her house to pick her up and saw her in that dress, I almost shot a wad in my sock.

I couldn’t believe her dad would let her out of the house like that. Of course, he was drunk and passed out underneath a weed-infested rusty jeep in the back yard, but seriously bad parenting.

I never did get to motorboat those things, but I most certainly did stare at them a bunch. If my eyes had lasers in them, her cleavage would’ve been burned beyond all recognition.

tight dress nipstight dress pokies 3tight dress pokies 4tight dress pokies 5

Looking back at previous posits, I guess it’s semi-obvious that I have a thing for dresses. Look, I ain’t gonna be defensive about it, this stuff is hot!

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