Festive Fourth of July Boobies

Happy 4th of July!

If you live in part of the world where you aren’t grilling out, drinking beer, watching fireworks, and drooling over boobies, you should get to America quick.

God bless parades, and the women who cool off their sweaty boobs while you watch.

barbecue pokiesIn the spirit of Independence Day, we’ll start out with a little hunny who appears to be enjoying life at a barbecue. She’s sort of dressed nice in a skirt and a blouse. But the casually held beer makes me think she got a little tipsy, got a little warm, and decided to yank her bra off and stuff it in her purse. Hence the delicious pokies. Her friend is smiling at the camera thinking… I don’t know what my husband is going to do with this photo, but it better not be anything perverted.

sweater pokiesI know summertime isn’t the best time for sweaters, but any time is a good time for this milf with her sweater pokies. She has clearly just finished doing her hair and applying her makeup, whereupon she tweaked those nipples to make them stand to attention before snapping the pic. Do you like the way the light plays off of those rigid nips? Of course you do, you motor boatin’ son of a gun. She would probably grab the back of your neck and yank your nose into that cleavage all while throwing her head back and cackling.

braless dressbraless white dressLet’s be a little more formal, and “cover” some braless ladies in dresses. You like how I did that? I snuck the word cover in while talking about uncovered and braless? Clever, huh! Not bad for a hungover jerkimo from Timbuktu. First let’s talk about this babe in this brown velour looking dress. Now brown velour doesn’t really strike me as the hip thing to wear to parties these days. But this girl is so insanely gorgeous that she could be wearing a paper bag with some post-it notes and she would still knock my socks off. Those little boobies are certain braless, and will certainly get a good shake and bounce once she starts dancing. Who knows what the second girl in the white dress looks like; we can’t see her face. But oh my what we can see: clee-vedge. There is enough boobage there to entertain the average male for two hours. Whaddya figure, one hour per side? No, no, no: fifteen minutes per side, and thirty minutes in the middle. She looks a little tired, like she’s plopped down in the middle of the restaurant and decided to let whoever is leering at her with the camera snap away. This looks like very easy access, as if you could sneak a hand in there and give her boobie a squeeze while she’s grabbing your ass on the dance floor. Try not to lose it on the wedding dress.

sportsbra pokiesWhile I’m on a roll, let’s check out these crazy sportsbra pokies. This is insane. What is this lady thinking? When you have hard-as-a-rock nipples like this, you simply cannot wear thin white clingy things. Jennifer Anniston, who knows she has untameable nipples, has to live the demure life of a nun in an attempt to keep hers restrained (usually a fail). This lady needs some “tips” from Jen. Ha! So punny, “tips” you get it?? I know this is more of a sport tank top thing, with a built in sportsbra, but sheesh ya’ll don’t harass me about my fashion and clothing inexpertise.

This made me look up the milfy-sportsbra goodness from a few years ago, feel free to click and enjoy.

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