Why Crossfit Gals are Obsessed with Boobs

It’s been awhile since I posted about crossfit boobs. What the hell is wrong with me? Wait, don’t answer that.

I guess I got distracted and fell down on my duty. I might fall down on my face if I stare too long and these blazing pokies.

I know, I get it – you do not have to write me and point out these women are wearing bras. And this is bralessblog. And hence I’m violating the oath of office. It ain’t like that.

It’s a sportsbra. And besides, I can see nipples, so shut up.

Some of these ladies might be on PEDs. In extreme cases, they look like men except with pretty faces and boobs and tasty crotches. That worries me a little, but I feel like I could get over my fears with a little horizontal practice.

Because of the masculinity associated with getting their cross fit groove on – the heaving of heaving things, the sweating and grunting – crossfit ladies do tend to put a bunch of focus on their boobs. Some of them get implants. Some of them just wear sportsbras that show off their pokies. And godblessem, some do both.

I tried to work out at a crossfit place once, but they kicked me out for violating their rules on “groping” *eyeroll* whatever that means. I guess I am relagated to just creeping around the internet and staring at their boobies on the screen.

While I was at it, because I’m so awesome, I updated the braless brides post with a few more pictures. Thinking about marrying one of these sweaty crossfitters got me in the mood.

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