Spring Has Sprung Up Some New Boobies

The other day I went on spring break. It was still too damn cold to actually get in the water or enjoy sitting out on the beach. But there were a few diehards who were determined to get out there.

Like this lady.

She took a little siesta, with her hat draped over her head. Unfortunately, her very large, all-natural, floppy boobs did what floppy boobs do, and they sort of slid to the side.

All captured in this wonderful pic, and brought to you here on BB for your enjoyment.

I’ve dabbled in sideboob before. The most famous example might be here. Let’s all take a moment and enjoy that one, damn, might be an all time great.

That’s definitely one of the best parts about spring and summer. Hanging around the pool and scoping out babes in swimsuits.

It’s not unusual of course to see a few “oops” moments. Boobs tend to pop out, or at least jiggle around when a wave knocks somebody over.

But some of the oops are artificially constructed.

I was in line at the grocery store the other day behind a lady who was wearing stretch pants that were yanked so far up her vaginal canal I figured they would require a sharp tug and some WD-40 to get them out.

Ya’ll do love the cameltoe around here, and there’s a good reason for it.

I know it’s a little out of season, and given what I’ve covered in the above paragraphs a little off topic, but honestly, is there ever a bad time for sweater cleavage?

Ya really need sweaters that button up the front. That way a few buttons can be left undone, and the cleavage can peek out.

Or hang out, as is the case here.

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