Daily Braless Video #10 – the Asian Maid Goes Braless

Put down your coffee and take a deep breath. You’re going to have to prepare yourself. I don’t want you to get caught off guard and have a heart attack or something.

Annie, the little Asian lady, taps meekly on the door.

When I answer it, she smiles and nods, and barges right in carrying a bag of cleaning supplies and a bag of clothes.

She goes straight to the bathroom, and closes the door. When she comes out, she has changed into her magic white cleaning robe. It is made of thin white material that is basically transparent. It has lace around the short sleeves. She has it belted at her waist, but it is hanging open, showing a slice of skin from her neckline all the way down to her waist. Her small, perky breasts press against the fabric, nipples pointing and jiggling suggestively. I can see a dark triangle at her crotch, and a view of her butt crack as she turns, so clearly she is naked underneath the robe.

She takes her cleaning cloth and begins to scrub down the kitchen appliances.

She has her hair tied up, and it is so clean that it shines. Her face is free of make-up, but her skin is youthful and perfect. As she scrubs, her breasts wiggle to and fro and my heart skips a beat. I make a joke and she smiles at me. She is petite, short and tiny. I think about her sitting in my lap and wiggling around in that robe and it makes me groan.

She quietly tells me that once she is finished cleaning, she wants to give me a massage. I think about her rubbing her bare boobs up and down my back and it makes me shiver.

PS – Do you think this is boobie perfection?

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