Natalia Sense Boobies Escape the Youtube Nannies

Yeah, okay, ya’ll don’t want to hear me whine (again) about getting kicked off Youtube.

So let’s focus on today’s boobs, shall we?

I ran across Natalia Sense on Youtube, where she does a really superb job of spreading her legs and flopping her tits around wearing the very tightest, skimpiest clothes you can possibly imagine.

Probably better that I just show you rather than trying to explain it:

That little pink outfit she has on makes me whimper and drool.

When she spreads those long (6′ tall) legs, her yoga pants get jammed into the cleft of her vagina so tight that ya gotta worry she would need a crowbar to get ’em loose.

And that top really emphasizes her big boobs capped with perky, puffy nipples.

She has a decent following on youtube, about 734k subscribers.

She is a bit newer on instagram, and surprisingly only has 47k followers.

In this purple top, I can see pretty much every pore on her tubular nipples.

If she were to casually walk by a toddler wearing this, the toddler would cry and beg for some milk.

I mean, I’m begging for milk and I’m like a hunnert years old.

Her eyes are very blue, and her nipples are very pink. And I’m very in love.

I think she is from Ukraine, like Louisa.

I have never (un?)covered any other Natalias, but you can check out Natalie Gulbis here. And then Flowina, another famous yoga chick, here.

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