Amateur Girls Showing Off Their Pokies

I have purposely selected semi-average looking gals for this post.

Yeah, I will always love drop-dead, gorgeous hotties. But there’s something to be said for your average hunny rockin the pokies. It’s almost like getting back to my roots. My roots being: boobies.

Big. Small. Perky. Droopy. I like boobies, period.

Yes, there is a special place in my heart (and my pants) reserved for an A+ pair. But every now and then I should stop and give credit to the less than perfect ta-ta’s.

Like this girl, as an example. Yes, those torpedo tits are looking a little droopy. Yes, her face is a little average, and her hair looks like a spray painted mop. But those pokies are crying out for my attention. A quick pinch, twist, and bite.

She could star in her own laptop commercial. “When I surf for hot slutty girls, I only use my sleek HP BoobieJet v3.0 laptop.”

This blonde is a little chunky. And lord what is it with the frizzy hair? Ladies, here’s a tip – brush your damn hair. Like climb out of bed, tweak the nipples in the sleep shirt so they stand at attention, grab your phone so you can take the mirror selfie, but do all of this after you spend thirty seconds taming the rat’s nest on top of your head.

I’m not complaining. Well, okay, I am. She is stacked and racked, and I wouldn’t kick her out of bed, regardless of what her hair looks like, or if her boobs aren’t perfect.

I’m sure you’re looking at this girl rolling your eyes thinking hey doofus, she’s no dog. Yes, good point. But digital photos these days have one billion pixels, and the ability to zoom in and see every imperfection. She has lumps and bumps and wrinkles if you look close enough.

And trust me, I have been looking close enough. Her abs are so flat and wide that I could eat a meal off of them while drooling over those projectile boobies. Her nipples might be squashed down from that nearly transparent blue dress she’s wearing, but you can’t hide the fact that they are massive and engorged and ready to poke my eyes out.

Also, I’m 100% sure she’s not wearing any panties. She’s sitting there on the bed with the cool sheets pressed against her naked coochie, and I’m ready to eat it like a starving man who hasn’t had a bite in three days.

If you need a little amazement today…

Annnnd, you are probably wondering what the hell this thing is…

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